Joe Bellis

My adult life can be divided into 3 chapters, both work and personal activities.

Chapter 1: I was licensed to preach in 1972 and ordained in 1974. During college I preached at a circuit of small Baptist churches in NW Missouri and lead summer youth evangelism programs. After college while working in the printing industry, I was youth pastor at several local Baptist churches.

Chapter 2: In 1982, began working in the publishing industry. Starting in design, managing several small newspapers and owning a directory publishing company. Prior to my current employment, I was a consultant for Output Technologies, developing a complete workflow POS that captured all costs and concluded with pricing. On the personal side, I was an avid soccer fan involved in every part of the game. From player, to coach, referee, instructor and auditor I participated in over 3,500 games. Prior to hanging up my cleats, I had refereed 1,923 games, from youth to professional level.

Chapter 3: My current employment has been both enjoyable and fulfilling, starting in project management and now performing system and process analysis. On the personal side, I transitioned to political activity. Went from being a consultant on Pat Buchanan’s 1996 presidential campaign to actually running for office 5 times. Even today, continue to write abstracts, position papers and process documents. The latest of these is process document entitled “Evolving ER Care, EMTALA after ACA”.

My Biography

Born: July, 1955
Married to: Lorraine
Occupation: System/Process Analyst at a healthcare technology company located in Kansas.
Education: Attended William Jewell College, Liberty, MO. Licensed to preach the gospel (1974), Ordination (1976). Self educated from that point to current time.
Author: I am the author of several books and am currently completing my latest work, “Liberty’s Last Stand”. “Political Frog; An American Trapped in the Two Party System” 1999 Non-Fiction, Politics The Statist Papers; A Modern Look Our Constitutional Government” 1997 Non-Fiction, Politics “Come About, Rest Awhile; A Savior Calls” 1982 – Devotional Material “The Humanity of Christ” 1980 – Theology
“Where the Buck Stopped: A Conversation with Harry S Truman” 1978 – Biography
Mentor: I had the privilege while in high school of meeting former President Harry S Truman. Over the period of a year, we developed quite a friendship. He challenged me to be the best person I could be and helped to mold me into the person I am today. We had many conversations about politics and the constitution, some of these conversations led to vigorous debates. While our opinions differed in some ways, he taught me to fight for what I believe in.
Role models President Truman, as mentioned above. President Reagan, a great American, a great leader, a wise man. Senator Robert Dole, a great American and a great Kansan. Alan Keyes, a great conservative American and role model for this generation.
Ideology: I am a CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIAN.  I believe that our government was founded to serve to it’s citizens. Our nation was built upon a great foundation,  carved by our forefathers into a document we know as the Constitution of the United States. Everything needed to make our country great again is found in that document.
Religion: I prefer the term ‘faith.’ I am a born-again, bible believing Christian. I believe that every man has the right to believe what he may. Where we differ, both beliefs matter. To this end, religion, faith or lack of faith are not matters for the government to involve itself with.
Election Campaigns: I was a candidate for President of the United States during the 2000 and early 2004 election cycles. In early 2004, an opportunity presented itself to become the 2004 Libertarian for the Kansas Third Congressional District seat. I rammed down the presidential campaign, took advantage of the opportunity. I also was the Libertarian party candidate in 2008. I was unsuccessful in these bids, but not deterred from bringing forth my message, I sought the received the Reform party nomination of the United States Senator from Kansas in 2010.