I have been interested in politics since I was a teenager.  I my journey through the political spectrum has been guided by the insight of many great leaders. I haven taken the conviction of Goldwater, the candor of Truman and the values of Reagan to develop a political philosophy that is unique in today’s political landscape.

I have come to the understanding that our current two party system is broken. The candidates for both of the parties lie through their teeth and promise anything they can to get elected (or reelected). Once the election is over, business as usual is the theme. They represent only their own interests.

Realizing that change is necessary and seeing that the Republican were no different than the Democrats, I bolted from the Republican Party and tried to push for change.  I was a independent candidate for President of the United States in 2000 and again in the early part of the 2004 election cycle. While these campaigns gained ground through use of the internet, they failed to raise the kind of money needed to battle the political machine.

Mid 2004, my focus switched gears and I began an independent campaign for Kansas Third Seat Congressional Seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I filled the empty ballot slot for the Kansas Liberterian Party.

Briefly in 2004, I was involved with the American Patriot Party and the state party in Kansas. I served as the National Vice Chairman of the American Patriot Party and Chairman of the Kansas Patriot Party.  My role in building these organizations included:

defining the issues that the party must address

publishing a statement of beliefs

developing a party platform

recruiting members

recrutiing candidates

Political infighting lead to the demise of the party. The American Patriot Party has been reorganized in several states and is attempting a comeback.

After watching the political landscape and hoping to see promising change, I realized it was not going to happen within the two-party system.  I joined the Libertarian Party of Kansas in 2008 and ran for Kansas Third District Congressional seat.

As the  2010 election cycle approached, promises continued to be bantered about by both parties as they pandered to the electorate. They promised everything except the kitchen sink (you should watch for Obama to every house must have a kitchen sink) and when elected forget the promises was ever made. At the same time they take money from every special interest group hey can find. Both major political parties should be equated to organized crime.

The democrats cheat, corrupt, deceive, destroy, lie and steal.  But the GOP is no better. watch out if the lips are moving. Now they want to destroy your healthcare and raise your taxes. Both parties are responsible for this impending disaster.  As a response I ran for the United States Senate attempting to fill the seat left open by Sen. Brownback.

Today, I sit on the sideline having tried to make better nation for my grandchildren. However, my voice will not sit idle.